Edge Lighting Colors – Edge live wallpaper


Edge Lighting for any android phone application has an amazing user interface to use and it make your mobile screen totally adorable with attractive lighting.

This app does not consume more battery and adds smooth and beautiful round corners live light into you screen.

Edge Lighting offers many settings which allow you adjusting the edge lighting color, width and change wallpaper:

Can edit on many types of screens: Lighting for Screen Infinity U, Infinity V, Display Notch, Infinity


-> Edge Lighting Color

-> Edge Lighting Width

-> Customize the effect: Heart, Dot,

-> Edge Light live Wallpaper.

-> Allows you to customize on all devices: Galaxy s10, plus, note 10,

Edge Lighting Features:

1. Set multi color screen edge to live wallpaper.

2. Adjust the width and the height to your perference.

3. Adjust the thickness of the borderlight screen.

4. Set the edge curve roundness as per your phone screen.

5. Customize notch setting as per your device notch.

6. Multiple cool formats and colors of frames and borders available.

7. Set your photo to set as wallpaper in between the lighting edge screen.

8. Brightness scale adjuster with border styles in difference options.

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App Information
Version    10.0
Updated    Dec 17,2020
Download   10 million user + download
Download size   3.9 MB
Offered by   Sunny lighting
Released on  Jun18, 2019
App Rating   5 /3+
SAFE & SECURE  YES This App Safe 
Reviews   4.5 314k reviews
In app Purchases   IND 90.00  per item 

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