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Friends, if we go anywhere, we have seen whatever happens with us like your dress shoes and cap and also see your phone and whose phone sees the best, he is called a very responsible person i.e. the one who keeps his phone properly. If he does all kinds of work properly then he is the responsible person.

Why if there is no live wallpaper in your phone then I will tell you an application using which your phone will look good and its download Everyone here knows how to use it.


Rolling Icon 3D live wallpaper Features


Rolling icons on live wallpaper animated by real world gravity

This wallpaper is inspired by real world physics. It has real world gravitational physics simulations. Icons and photos in this wallpaper reacts to gravitational force.


– The app icon and photo icon rolling width gesture and gravity, collision and sparks, very cool

– When you set it as the live wallpaper, you can rock and roll the launcher

– Gravitational force simulations.

– Option to organize your apps according to your choice.

– Customizable backgrounds to choose for wallpaper background.

– Pinch zoom feature.

– Multi-gravity box, change gravity

– 3D Themes & Live Wallpapers



How to use

1. Select app icons and photo icons

2. Choose background

3. Apply Wallpaper


Safe and Secure

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App Information

Version    6.0.1

Updated    Aug 18,2020

Download   5 million user + download

Download size   6.38 MB

offered by   AZ Mobile Software

Released on  Sep10, 2018

App Rating   5 /3+


SAFE & SECURE  YES This App Safe 

Reviews   4.4 50k reviews

In app Purchases   IND 400.00 to 1.650.00 per item 




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